Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Searching For Essential Oils For Bruises

By Thomas Cooper

Most people will suffer from painful bruising at some point after falling or after sustaining some kind of injury. There are various ways to treat a bruise and deal with the pain and many patients are now using specialist oil. When you are trying to locate essential oils for bruises it is useful to do your homework and look at all of the available options.

Bruising occurs when the blood vessels get damaged and leak blood which then builds up under the skin. A change of color will also occur as the red blood cells break down as the bruising starts to heal. Healing time varies with each patient and it depends on the amount of damage and if it is severe you should speak to a doctor for medical advice and treatment.

Various oils can be used including arnica, cypress, lavender and lemongrass and they all contain different properties. Many patients will blend these oils which can give better results and you can try different combinations. The neat essential oil is usually mixed with carrier oil such as coconut which dilutes the liquids so they can be used. It is also useful to use some cold treatment such as wrapping ice in a towel and applying it to the skin to reduce swelling and bruising.

There are a few different places where you are able to buy your products in various quantities. There are specialist stores on the high street that sell them and many pharmacies will also carry a good stock. You can also buy online and there are many suppliers that advertise and sell their products on the net.

The net is a great place to research the different products and learn about what they do and how they work. There are online instructions that will tell you how to mix and apply the oil to get the maximum benefit from it. The majority of online suppliers will have a testimonials section on their web site which enables you to read customer comments and feedback.

If you plan to buy your products form a web based retailer there are some important things to be considered. Many suppliers will offer free shipping but if this is not available you will have to pay to get your products delivered. When the package arrives at your door you should check it carefully to make sure that your order is correct and not damaged.

When you have paid for your products it is useful to hang on to the payment receipt for future reference. If you want to send an item back to a supplier or exchange any products you will need a receipt. Web based suppliers may also send you emails and electronic invoices which also need to be retained in case they are needed.

You should be aware that this way of treating bruising is not approved by the medical profession and it may not work for everyone. If you use oil and you notice any problems or have a reaction to it you should stop applying it. Some patients will have allergies to certain products and will not be able to use this type of treatment.

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