Thursday, October 27, 2016

An Interesting Discussion On Jewels By Jackie

By Lisa Campbell

It is a well-known fact that jewelry can be a very good investment. This is really true when the pieces are made with quality gemstones and precious metals. It makes it even more interesting when the jewelry is an actual work of art. There are many different unique designs created by Jewels by Jackie that could easily be considered some of the finest wearable art jewelry.

There are a couple reasons you should check out Jackies designs and creations. She makes each piece by hand with American inspiration. Her determination to make beautiful gemstone and precious metal has led her to make unique and durable jewelry that stands out in a crowd. She started offering her pieces online, spreading her artwork all over the world.

Not only does she offer her creations online, she also travels around the world selling her pieces. Her traveling boutique gives those a chance that does not do a lot of shopping online a chance to see her high quality jewelry that is reasonably priced. The traveling boutique will definitely put Jackie a household name for those that like to purchase quality and unique jewelry.

When Jackies jewelry becomes well known, she is planning on making a documentary of her journey. This could be a great inspiration to those that want to live the American dream by doing what they love and making a good living doing it.

Not long after achieving her goals of selling women and men the jewelry she has handmade with love and care, she is planning to film a documentary of her struggles and triumphs that brought her to her dream.

The chances of running into someone wearing the exact necklace or bracelet is very slim. Jackies pieces are unique because of the gemstones she uses in her jewelry. No natural gems are exactly the same which makes her jewelry even more desirable. This makes them a perfect heirloom as well because they last and they are very durable. These pieces are made to wear for many years so passing them down to a loved one would be a good idea.

To find one or more of Jackies creations, you cannot go to the store and pick something up, yet. For now, you would need to go online and find her on one of the auction sites or her online store. The prices are affordable and they can be shipped to anywhere in the United States and sometimes overseas. She may even be able to create something for a special event, such as a wedding or graduation.

Everyone wants to look their best. Having the right accessory with an outfit is critical in completing your look of the day or evening. To find wearable art that is made with pride and created in the United States, look no further than the original creations by Jackie.

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