Saturday, January 2, 2016

How To Sell A Website Fast

By Douglas Richardson

After years of hard work and sleepless nights working on your website, you feel that it is time to put it up for sale. You are confronted by numerous questions bordering whether you will get value for money or not. How much should you sell a website and where will you sell it? How do you ensure that you are not conned after numerous years working on it?

The site will be worth as much as somebody will be willing to give. This statement means nothing if you need to advertise the site. The least that will be required of you is to quote a price. You will be left wondering whether you have quoted too low that it does not give you value or your quotation is too high that it discouraged people from buying.

Since websites cannot be sold in malls and stores like other commodities, their sale leaves you in a dilemma. There are factors that will determine how much you quote yet are not standardized. Getting quality buyers is also difficult since you have no idea where they can be found. There is no rate card to determine how much you quote. Since you are the only one privy to what it takes to get the site to where it is, you must search for value.

The value of your domain depends on the effort it has taken you to make it attractive. The weeks, months or years you have been working on a site will determine the best figure to quote. Consider the amount of traffic that you attract on regular basis and its global ranking. A favorable result on these tenets will help you decide on the price.

The value of the site may also be determined by the revenue it attracts. No one will buy a website that does not generate revenue. The amount you quote must be several time what you make from the site every month or on regular basis. This will pay for your effort in raising its profile and managing to attract a good revenue stream.

Before selling any site, you will need to prepare. Preparation takes several forms. The site needs to be ready for sale. The buyer will require you to produce some statistics to proof your price. Traffic statistics are the top concern for buyers. They include the number of visitors, their uniqueness, source, keywords and page ranking.

Financial figures must also be presented to justify the price. This might include the monies received from advertisers over the period you have been running the site. The buyer will be interested in knowing the progression over time. The expenses incurred by your site including web hosting should also be included.

The first place to advertise the site is within your industry. The buyers in this category are more willing and ready to give a better figure. Should this prove difficult, turn away from the industry and focus on entrepreneurs. Check the willingness to pay and state of urgency to determine the best price. Be ready to negotiate and ensure that you get good value.

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