Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Factors To Consider When Buying Home Air Freshener

By Jana Serrano

Everyone wants their residence, office, and work places to have good smell. Bad smells can sometime be hard to handle. When faced with this the need and importance of home air freshener is realized. Air fresheners are better combatants of odors. They are grouped under consumer products which release fragrance. Fresheners are utilized in residences and other areas to mask odors or release good scents.

The products come in a range of forms like aerosols, candles, plug-ins, gels, and potpourri. A number of residences use at least one form if air freshener, typically aerosol sprays. They mask leftover cooking smells, cigarette smoke, bathroom fouls, and pet odors, . Producers of fresheners are still inventing new concepts and products to get more clients.

Plug-ins are usually plugged into electrical sockets and send out constant waves of fragrant scents. Gels come in form of jelly-like substances, which contain scent. They emit fragrance into the air when they come in contact with air. Individuals worried about health and environmental effects of spray or plug-ins prefer potpourri. Potpourris are a types of dried aromatic materials. Scented candles normally release good scents as the wax melts.

Natural fresheners have little ingredients, usually emulsifiers or citrus oils. They are non-atomizer. Also under this category are reed diffusers. They constitute of tiny vases or bottles filled with aromatic oils. They have very narrow bamboo reeds acting as capillary wicks to scatter perfume into air. They can be placed in any part of the house.

There are two main principles that these products work on. The two are instant action and continuous action. Instant action products as suggested by the name they deliver results quickly once put into use. They are typically atomizers or aerosol sprays. Continuous action air freshening products do not fade away but rather tend to maintain their scents in the air for long. Some are fragrance free, hence meant to neutralize odors.

Every design is intended to function best in different spaces such as closets or drawers. Some may be applied in pressure cleaners to freshen spaces and remove bad smells from the surfaces of the carpet. Also in market, are fabric fresheners, which are applied onto window treatments, carpets, sofas and chairs. Air freshening products, which are citrus oil based are ideal for casinos, retail establishments, fitness centers and other places of work. They are appealing to both sexes.

There are things to have in mind when shopping for refreshing products. If meant for use in places of business aspects like desired scent, budget and purpose of fragrance must be considered. To reduce expenses buyers should buy those that are long lasting such as plug-ins. Natural air freshening products are preferred as they do not cause allergic reactions. The purpose like providing perfumed scents or covering odors should be clear during purchase.

To conclude, as much as they have many positive attributes, freshener products have their negative side ranging from financial, environmental to health effects. Some have phthalates that can result into low level of testosterone or low sperm count. The harmful ingredients find their way into human bodies through either skin or nose. Some constituents are naturally carcinogenic. It should be known that air fresheners only conceal up smells without addressing its source

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