Monday, June 29, 2015

A Review On Home Air Freshener

By Edna Booker

Home air fresheners are products for consumers commonly used in restrooms and homes to emit fragrance. They are available in a variety of methods and brands. Common types of air fresheners include gels, candles, beads, sprays, plug-ins, and oils. In some people, these consumer products may provoke allergic reactions and asthma. If you experience either of these problems, do not use home air freshener. Apart from sprays, home air freshening can involve the usage of organic materials in air freshening. Some individuals may use these products to eliminate odor emanating from their homes, others may use them for their pleasant odor emission.

Find out what is causing odor in the house. This will save you time and money wasted in purchasing packaged products to eliminate odor. Dirty laundry, shoes, dogs, chairs, carpets, fish and beds affect how the house smells. If you have dirty laundry and shoes inside your house, consider washing them before going ahead to buy these fresheners. Washing dirty utensils is another great idea to get rid of odor.

Before buying an air freshener, it is important to bear in mind the various health risks you expose yourself to. Most of these products contain toxic chemicals such as the famous phthalate esters. Toxins are known to bring about reproductive development problems. Also, they may aggravate asthma among many other health issues. You should know that these products do not eliminate odor but simply introduce powerful artificial odors that are more powerful than the odors already in your house.

Note that the smell left by your purchased air freshener is not clean as you think. It is even dangerous to your health. The good news is that you can avoid the health problems associated with these air fresheners. Start using natural methods to keep your environment smelling fresh. Natural methods of odor elimination are easy to implement and safe to your health. In addition, you will be able to save yourself some great deal of money that could have been used to buy air fresheners.

As earlier stated, it is important to clean the things that cause the odors. Take out garbage and wash the house thoroughly. Clean your dog properly, wash its bed and the areas it hangs out. If you do so, you will have eliminated the sites that harbor odor and it will disappear.

Vacuum and cleaners can really help. Since carpets harbor most dirt in your house, consider vacuuming thoroughly. You will end up removing dirt that causes odor. Use baking soda to suck bad odors. Steam cleaners work in a similar way.

Houseplant around your house is another natural way to get rid of odor. Plants release fresh natural scents. The scents are powerful in the sense that they get rid of any available odor. In addition, they make the area around your living area look beautiful. Houseplants such as African violet, yucca, velvet plant, and bamboo can really help.

Vinegar is a natural deodorizer you can use to make your house smell great. It is very easy to use too. Just leave vinegar out in a bowl overnight. In the morning, you will wake up to a fresher smelling area. Plain white vinegar is the most appropriate, nothing fancy.

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