Monday, September 8, 2014

Blunders Online Marketers Make When Looking For Free Mlm Leads

By Derek Jensen

As an online marketer, attracting traffic to your product is top on your mind. There are numerous companies offering free mlm leads. It is easy to fall for this scam in the hope of making it big as a blogger. The traps are laid on all search engines including Google, bing and yahoo. Before becoming a victim, the following considerations are worth making.

The number in the lead list goes as high as 10,000. The requirement is to fill an online generated opt-in form where certain details will be required. Basic information like your name, phone number and email are demanded. The claim is that the email will be used to send a downloading link for the list.

The attractive nature of the offer should raise an alarm that something is wrong. You have no details about the persons you are releasing the information to. Their names, addresses and business engagements are suspect. The availability of millions of online users means that many more have signed up to the scheme. How does the company then identify a genuine lead?

Watch out for instances where there is a total disconnect between what you blog about and what they are offering. An example is where they are involved in gambling, yet you deal with gardening. This puts you completely off their area of focus. You will have no business staying in touch with them in this case.

Quality and Quantity concerns- it takes skills, time, effort and expertise to create a genuine following on the online platform. Genuine followers are enthusiastic and closely follow the posts you make. The group is also ready to invest cash and other resources in buying your products or engaging your services. The issue that should be of concern is the ease with which a company offers such information for free.

The free leads for mlm scam works by selling your details to other marketers. This is deduced from the fact that you just release information without control over what happens to it. Filling your email, contacts and name at the opt-in form gives away control over what lands in your inbox. This explains the source of numerous spam mails.

The opt-in form is the source of legitimacy to give personal details to other marketers. This is the source of the leads that are supposed to be given for free. It opens up your inbox to an unending supply of junk mails marketing products you are not even interested. This explains why a company would offer a free lead where genuine ones require time and resources to acquire.

You are not yet off the hook if you give your phone number. It will be blasted just like the email and name. Marketers have a field day making anonymous and annoying calls over products and services you are not interested in. This drastically disrupts your normal life.

As a marketer, you should differentiate one type of lead from the other. Co-registered lead is generated by promising a reward to persons for releasing his information. Phone certified long-form surveyed lead comes from actual subscription. The second form is genuine and likely to offer better results. It also is expensive but very valuable to any marketer.

There is an easier and cheaper way of generating own quality and fresh lead through attraction marketing. You will not be required to pay any fees to a company or agent. The solution lies in writing the most enticing article about the products and services you offer. The article must respond to the needs of your audience.

A call for action should be included at the end. It directs the reader onto where he or she can get the information, goods or services he/she is looking for. The next step is to promote the article in all ways possible. Upon reading your article, the customer comes to you instead of you going to him.

Social media forums like linkedin and facebook are excellent marketing platforms. They offer a chance to meet genuine clients looking for your products. Announcing your presence happens when you address concerns and offer answers as an expert in the field. The forums available on these platforms direct genuine attention to your site. This is maximized through the support of an experienced online marketing consultant.

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