Thursday, July 27, 2017

Prior To Buying Small Parti Yorkies For Sale

By Donna McDonald

Getting a dog as a pet and companion is a joy in itself and many are enjoying this experience. You may have seen a sign or advertisement that said small Parti Yorkies for sale and this has picqued your interest somewhat. Before you do make a decision, do finish off this article to educate yourself on what are basic things to know about this specific breed.

Prior to your purchase of this dog it may be useful to know the basic difference between the yorkie and the parti yorkie. And the simple answer to that query is there is absolutely none. The only main difference is that the yorkie comes in two colors only being tan and blue while the parti comes in blue, tan and white. The color of the parti is attributed to a recessive gene that just recently came about in the past 30 years.

The origin of the parti occurred when a breeder in the 1980s refused to get rid of dogs with the recessive white gene. Being Yorkies in all aspects except for color, they have only been accepted as part of the Yorkie breed just recently, much to the happiness and joy of their owners.

This breed seeks attention, activity and participation on a daily basis. It is this seeking of such that makes them easy to train for competitions for tricks and agility. For home life, they can adapt quite well and get along with everyone in the house, including other dogs and animals. However, they do want to be the boss all the time and this must always be taken note of.

The coat of this breed is of a single coat. This means that it does not shed and many say that the fur of the Yorkie has the consistency of human hair also, making it fine and soft. However, like human hair it will require a fair amount of grooming as it gains in length. Once it gets fairly long it will require daily brushing out to maintain its overall appearance and prevent matting and tangling.

This breed has a fair amount of energy and needs to eat three or four times a day in small portions. Also since they are quite active most of the time, they should have a regular supply of water to cool them off. Having plenty of water will also prevent dehydration.

When looking for a proper breeder to get a puppy from, look for a breeder that does his or her business for the improvement of the breed. Get one also that knows the specific health issues endemic to the breed and one that is generally honest and ethical from the point of view of the breeding community. Do a thorough background check on potential breeders that you can source from before making a purchase.

Basically what has been discussed has covered some important basic information needed by any potential dog owner. There are of course other factors to look at apart from the ones discussed and these should also be looked at for you to make a solid and informed decision.

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