Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Before Buying Parti Colored Yorkie Puppies For Sale

By Timothy Hall

Having a pet in your life is an unbeatable experience according to many pet owners. And you may have been thinking of getting this same experience by deciding on a dog instead of a cat. In your search for a viable pet dog you could have come across a sign that said parti colored Yorkie puppies for sale and this has piqued your interest. Prior to you making a final commitment, finish off this article for some important information you may need for your decision making.

But first you should know what the difference is between a Yorkshire terrier, or yorkie, and a parti colored yorkie. And the surprising answer is that apart from coloring, there is absolutely no difference whatsoever. The regular one comes in two distinct colors, being tan and blue while the parti colored comes with a combination of blue, tan and white.

Breeders came across this colored breed in the 1980s and have refused to destroy them despite of the aberrant colors they exhibit. They have since become very popular and sought after. Lately they have been accepted as a true Yorkie variation, which made many owners happy about the recognition.

The dog has fur which is soft and fine, much like human hair, as it is contained in a single layer coat only. A single layer coat means it will not shed at all, or very minimal at the least. The fur is prone to tangles and matting however and so regular brushing out, sometimes daily, is needed once it gains in length.

The yorkie natural craving for plenty of activity, participation and attention make it ideal for trick and agility competition training. It is also a very adaptable household pet as it can get along with anyone, even with other animals. It only wants one thing in return, in that it is treated like the boss in any situation. As such even though it is small it will exhibit a bit of alpha dog behavior from time to time.

The breed has a fairly large amount of energy, so small portions of food need to be given to it at the very least three to four times per day. Due to its high level of energy and activity, dehydration may be a problem also so it is recommended that it gets a lot of water also.

Looking through the forums of breeders, and doing a bit of detective work, is what you will need to do in searching for an appropriate breeder to supply you with a puppy or puppies. Look for an honest breeder who is after the welfare and improvement of the breed rather than pure commercial profit. Do as much as possible avoid unscrupulous traders and middlemen also apart from the shady breeder out there.

In sum this short write up has given some pertinent information that may be of use to you as forge your way to a final decision. Always ensure you have the right amount of information before committing yourself to being a pet owner of any sort as it is a job that entails a lot of responsibility.

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