Monday, May 29, 2017

The Best Essential Oils For Bruises

By Arthur Mitchell

Impact or any coarse friction will leave your skin bruised. Since the world does not have a cotton lining, children and adults will accidentally be bruised from time to time. Some of the bruising does not warrant a trip to the doctor. You have a perfect solution in essential oils for bruises that will heal your skin and restore it to its original form. This reduces formation of spots or scars.

The diverse medicinal properties of lavender make it a common addition on skin care products. The natural medicinal benefits add to its gentle nature beyond the fact that it has no negative side effects in the short or long term. If you have children around home, this is a must have oil for you. It will sooth the bruise especially when you apply it immediately the bruise occurs.

Cypress might not be as popular as aloe vera, avocado and lavender among others, but it is regarded among the top plant extracts with incredible medicinal benefits. It has been used since time in memorial to eliminate cellulite, stretch marks and in treating varicose veins. It is effective in stimulating blood flow especially on impact so that it does not pool on the affected area. This will prevent the appearance of a bruise or scar.

Lemongrass is fast acting against pain and thus a perfect choice when you get a nasty bump or blow. It takes minutes to provide pain relief. Its exceptional warming effects act on the aching muscles which helps to reduce swelling. By penetrating the skin, it leads to quick healing of internal tissues.

Frankincense is an oil variety that should never miss in your cabinet especially if you have a playful lot of children. It has certified as safe for application on children, unlike the other varieties. It is also used in therapy to relieve stress and boost the immune system. There are surveys that have associated it with a reduction in the severity of cancer. The presence of boswellia and other compounds helps to reduce the nasty appearance on the bruised area.

Roman chamomile is a strong medicinal oil that is also mixed with other compounds to make skin care products. It will work on the skin tissues to reduce appearance of scars once the bruised area heals. It can be applied independently or with other carrier compounds or oils. This is an effective option when targeting spots and scars. When applied on open wounds, it will reduce the occurrence of infections.

Geranium oil has excellent properties for treating skin tissues that are extensively damaged. These properties have made it a favorite in manufacture of skin care products targeting wrinkles. To make this oil more effective, add other elements as carriers. Massage the bruised area to push the oil into deeper tissues.

According to skin experts, oils should not be applied on open wounds. Other extracts are too strong and thus require augmenting with carrier substances. The skin of an infant is very sensitive which calls for care during application. Should your skin react with the oil, stop use immediately and consult a dermatologist.

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